Enhance Safety With Security Window Film

An additional barrier against intruders and vandalism.

Your tenants, employees and occupants depend on you to keep them – and their belongings – safe at all times.

Threats to your building and its inhabitants, including natural disasters, break-ins, vandalism, and other emergency situations, can happen at any time. Reducing the danger and impact on your tenants requires adequate preparation and the right security efforts.

Our LLumar security window film adds an extra level of defense that makes your windows and doors more difficult to break, and if they are compromised, holds the glass in place on impact. The film reduces the risk of flying glass and broken glass that can be dangerous to your residents and protects your interior against exposure to the elements. Our security film holds on tight, even when force is pushed against it, maintaining the window’s integrity.

In addition, the right security film helps deter theft by making your glass windows harder to shatter. When the attempt to break in is delayed, it can cause an intruder to give up, stopping the threat in his or her tracks.

Reduce the Effects of Graffiti Damage

Graffiti removal is expensive – our anti-graffiti film stops it from happening in the first place.

Graffiti has been a serious problem in cities around Texas for years. But now vandals have discovered a new canvas for their destruction – tagging window glass on corporate and public buildings using acid, paint, etching tools, and markers.

LLumar Sacrificial Film, the industry’s leading anti-graffiti film, available now at AG Solar Guard in Bryan, is a simple and cost-effective way to diminish graffiti damage. Virtually invisible, this anti-graffiti window film provides a masked barrier between the vandal and your expensive window glass. If vandals strike, the removable film can be easily interchanged for a minimal cost, taking the tags along with it and eliminating the need for costly window replacement.

Our anti-graffiti film can be easily applied to sloped or vertical glass, mirrors and stainless steel on buildings or buses. Once tagged, our local staff can remove the damage and replace it with new film in just minutes, avoiding the disruption that comes with complete window replacement.

The quick removal of graffiti removes any recognition for vandals and detours them from coming back.