Home Tinting


Window Tinting for Your Home

AG Solar Guard in Bryan, Texas is dedicated to turning your home into a safe, comfortable place to live. Our line of cost-effective window film blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays in order to protect your furnishings – and more importantly, your loved ones – from potential sun damage.

Home window tinting manages the hot, ruthless Texas sun, ensuring comfort in every room of your house. It reduces the heat and glare that pours through your windows, defends your expensive furniture and hardwood floors against fading, and maintains the temperature in your home so you can save on cooling costs. And it does it all without obstructing your view of the great outdoors.

There are numerous benefits to our custom window film solutions:

  • Blocks harmful UV rays and protects your home from the sun
  • Reduces the heat and glare shining through your windows
  • Protects your family with window film designed for safety and security
  • Adds privacy and style to your home with decorative or frosted film options
  • Offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to window replacement

Protect Your Home and Your Family From Ultraviolet Rays

UV window film stops harmful UVA from coming inside.

Most homeowners think sun damage is limited to the outdoors. But here in Texas, harmful ultraviolet rays are tricky predators, sneaking through your untreated windows and wreaking havoc on your prized possessions. If you think kids, pets and stains are hard on your flooring and furniture, they pale in comparison to the sun.

Stop furniture fading and premature aging by arming your windows with LLumar UV window film from AG Solar Guard. Our ultraviolet film blocks 99% of the UV rays that cause furniture discoloration and fading. AG Solar Guard maintains the color of your hardwood, carpet and furniture while preserving the integrity of your antiques, wood pieces, artwork, and photographs.

As dangerous as UV rays are to your furniture, they’re just as harmful to your own skin and eyes, even indoors. Reduce your risk for skin cancer and other health issues by covering your windows with UV window film. The transparent, micro thin film blocks harmful rays, but doesn’t block your view of the outdoors.

Like the sunscreens and sunglasses you wear outside, UV window film adds an additional layer of protection to defend your family from skin damage. Applauded by dermatologists for its advantages in protecting individuals against the risk of skin cancer, skin-related diseases and solar sensitivity, LLumar UV window tint and window film carries The Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation.

Turn Down the Heat, Stifle the Glare

Melt your energy bill and crank up the comfort.

Windows are the best way to invite the beauty of the outdoors indoors. But along with incredible views, they also bring in the heat and the cold. Temperature shifts due to untreated windows can drive up your energy bills as you’re forced to crank the air conditioner or run the furnace just to stay comfortable. Not to mention, excess glare is an inconvenience when you’re trying to work or relax.

According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual, the average residential utility bill could be significantly reduced by treating windows with film that protects against winter heat loss and summer heat gain. With UV residential window tinting from AG Solar Guard, your windows become your first line of defense against heat entering or escaping your home and those irritating hot and cold spots that pop up in every room. You’ll not only feel more comfortable the moment your window film in installed, you’ll feel relieved when your lower utility bill reaches your mailbox.

Stop hiding behind curtains and blinds, and soak up the sun. UV window tint lets in the sunshine, but obstructs the glare. By reducing glare by 87%, the tinting makes it easier for you to work on your computer or watch TV. And at the same time, our window tinting is so micro thin, you can take in the view without affecting your view.

Window Film Protects Your Family From Mother Nature

Help your windows stand up to whatever Texas weather can dish out.

One of the biggest causes of injuries during a storm or other natural disaster is flying glass. From accidents to tornados to hail, your window can shatter in seconds, breaking into jagged shards that can injure your family and damage your belongings.

Thanks to the durability and consistency of AG Solar Guard’s LLumar safety and security window film, your family has an added level of protection between you and the elements. Our UV security film is virtually invisible, yet incredibly strong, constructed with heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives. LLumar’s attention to detail and cutting-edge manufacturing process ensure the window film meets the toughest security industry standards in the U.S. You can feel safe knowing this powerful barrier holds your glass in place, defending your windows against accidents, wind and even intruders.

Upgrade, Don’t Replace

Window film is an affordable and simple alternative to replacing your windows.

Old, outdated windows are one of the main culprits behind high energy bills. While replacing them with energy-efficient windows is high on your home improvement list, the expense often prevents you from taking the plunge, forcing you to tackle huge utility bills month after month.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on replacement windows to bring your home heating costs under control, consider energy-saving window film from AG Solar Guard. If your windows are in good shape and free of damage, but simply unable to hold in or block out the heat and cold, our window film is a simple, affordable and immediate solution. Professional installation of our LLumar environmentally-friendly, energy-saving film is one-fifth the cost of replacing your windows, but can drastically lower your energy bills. You’ll not only save on replacement costs, you’ll save big every time you turn on your air conditioner.