Commercial Building Tinting


Window Tinting for Commercial Properties

Decrease energy costs and increase comfort with commercial window tints.

Whether it’s Buckingham Palace or the Chrysler World Headquarters, LLumar commercial window tints and architectural window tints have graced the windows of the world’s most recognized buildings, ensuring the comfort of every employee, tenant or guest who enters their doors.

These popular commercial window tints are available from AG Solar Guard in Bryan. Constructed to handle the heat and weather here in Texas, our window tinting exceeds expectations for customers who are focused on maximum energy efficiency and the ultimate in comfort. From corporate offices to schools, commercial tints ensure the comfort of everyone inside.

Our commercial window tinting services help:

  • Eliminate hot and cold spots to increase usable space
  • Increase tenant comfort and reduce tenant complaints
  • Improve energy efficiency without compromising architectural integrity
  • Deliver a significant return on investment by reducing energy costs
  • Prevent sun damage to your facility and furnishings

In addition, local Texas utility rebates are often available to ease the cost of going green.

Reduce Energy Costs by 15% With Energy-Saving Window Film

No matter the size of your facility, window film treatment can help control your costs.

Corporate and public buildings are known for their abundance of windows – windows that if are outdated or inefficient, can quickly drive up energy costs and affect your bottom line. Not to mention, compromise the comfort of your employees and tenants.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one-third of your building’s cooling load comes from solar heat gain through your windows. And with almost 75% of windows lacking energy-efficient features, the effect on your energy bill is substantial.

By installing LLumar energy-saving window film for commercial buildings, you can maintain a consistent temperature in every corner of your office building. In fact, when AG Solar Guard installs window film, we can help save your business up to 15% in utility costs while reducing carbon emissions. On average, companies see a payback in as little as three years – resulting in big savings today and down the road.

Window Replacement or Energy-Efficient Window Film Installation?

The first signs you have an issue with your facility’s windows are complaints from your tenants regarding inconsistent temperatures and inconvenient glare that affect their comfort and productivity.

If your facility windows are structurally sound – free from damage, failed seals or leakage – and just need an extra layer of protection against the elements, commercial window film installation costs considerably less than full window replacement and is just as effective. With installation from an AG Solar Guard professional, the tinting application is quick and affordable, immediately mitigating the common problems that affect one’s well-being.

Reducing Glare and Heat

Ensure comfort company-wide.

Temperature inconsistences are one of the biggest complaints building owners hear form their tenants and employees. Instead of immediately jumping to conclusions about your HVAC system, take a closer look at your windows. Heat and cold may be finding an easy escape route out of your building – or finding a way into your offices from the outdoors.

LLumar Solar Control Window films from AG Solar Guard offer a cost-effective solution that reduces hot and cold spots, maintains steady temperatures, and stops UVA rays from ever entering your building. Your tenants enjoy the ultimate in comfort while your accounting department enjoys lighter utility bills.

In addition, our solar control window film reduces your need for blinds, shades and drapes. The natural light your tenants desire is welcomed in, while the glare stays out, reducing their dependence on energy-draining lamps and overhead lighting.

Today’s demanding tenants are looking for facilities that match their dedication to the environment. Our energy-efficient window film is the ideal “green upgrade” that attracts tenants and keeps them around for years to come.

Protect Your Buildings and Tenants Against UVA Rays

Your tenants and employees need the warmth and light from the sun to stay motivated and increase their productivity during the workday. But just as with their time outdoors, too much sun can be dangerous to both your residents and your facility assets.

Untreated office windows allow UVA rays to penetrate your building’s interior. While the side effects aren’t seen immediately, over time, UV rays can fade and discolor you floor coverings, fixtures, furniture, artwork, and window displays. But even worse, they can affect the well-being of your building’s occupants, especially those who work daily in front of large, untreated windows. Too many UV rays can lead to skin damage and even skin cancer – and that includes rays that sneak indoors.

Available from AG Solar Guard in Bryan, LLumar solar control window film can take on the Texas sun and reduce the UV damage it brings with it. Recognized by The Skin Cancer Foundation, our window film blocks up to 99% of UVA rays while welcoming in nature and enhancing the view of the outdoors. In addition, the energy-efficient film reduces heat gain in the summer to lower cooling costs and keeps heat indoors during the winter months to decrease the demand on your HVAC system.