AG Solarguard - automotive window film


You spend several hours a week behind the wheel of your car. Make sure every drive is a comfortable one.

Available in a range of shades, LLumar auto window tint from AG Solar Guard not only helps control internal heat and reduce glare when you drive, but also protects you from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays while traveling.

Window Tinting Benefits

  • Blocks dangerous UV rays that sneak through your windows
  • Reduces glare and heat for a more comfortable drive
  • Enhances the appearance and style of your car

With our window tint, you’ll feel as cool as you look. Every time you hit the road.

Defense Against Harmful UV Rays

Window tinting reduces a surprising risk of skin cancer.

When you’re seated in your car, protected from the weather and surrounded by cool, comfortable air conditioning, the last thing you worry about is your risk of sun exposure.

Surprisingly, Americans have a higher rate of skin cancer on the left side of their bodies. The reason? Our car windows fail to protect us from harmful UV rays, and with drivers spending an average of 100 minutes a day behind the wheel, that’s 100 minutes when we’re in direct line of the sun.

While it’s rare to get sunburned in the car, sun damage is silently occurring on a regular basis, fueling your risk of skin damage, premature aging and even cancer. However, LLumar window tinting from AG Solar Guard blocks more than 99% of UVA rays from ever entering your car, protecting you and your passengers. It’s why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tinting as part of everyone’s skin cancer prevention regimen.

Kill the heat and the glare.

Here in Texas, climbing into a parked car can feel like climbing into a volcano, with its stifling air and blazing seats. And when you’re driving hours on our hot, endless roads, you want to keep your car as cool and comfortable as possible.

Your window tint options at AG Solar Guard in Bryan let you handle the Texas heat while keeping your cool. When applied by our professional installers, window tinting lowers the interior temperature of your car by as much as 30° F – even during the summer months – by blocking 99% of UVA rays. No more enduring heat waves or cranking the air conditioning; you and your passengers can ride comfortably.

In addition, window tinting helps block out the sun, eliminating the blinding glare and eye strain that can be dangerous when driving.

Outfitting Your Car in Style

Window tinting to customize your ride and stand up to the crowd while standing up to the heat.

Your car is hot, but the ride doesn’t have to be. With LLumar window tinting, UV rays are blocked, making every ride cool and comfortable. But just as important to the car enthusiast, is the style it brings to your drive.

Our auto window tints are fabricated to fit your style personality and complement the design of any automobile. Choose our clear, invisible film for an added layer of protection or a darker shade the gives you the look you desire and the privacy you seek.

  • A variety of shades, from light to dark
  • Charcoal color offers the perfect complement to factory glass
  • Keeps your vehicle cooler on hot days
  • Blocks 99% of dangerous UVA rays
  • Protects your upholstery against cracking, fading and discoloration
  • Privacy for your passengers and your belongings

We know how much time and care you dedicate to your car, and therefore, we guarantee your satisfaction with the best in custom installation of your LLumar window tinting, backed by a manufacturer’s warranty you can trust.