Decorative Window Film for Your Home

LLumar® iLLusions™ transforms a room with fun and functional options.

Whether you need a little extra privacy, want to update your home, or are merely interested in experimenting with your home décor, LLumar® iLLusions™ decorative window film is a simple, affordable way to dress up your home or furnishings. Enjoy the style, glamour and creativity you crave while enhancing the functionality of any room.

iLLusions™ was constructed for your imagination by LLumar’s experienced design team, allowing you to try out a variety of colors, patterns, textures, gradients, and frosts on your windows or other glass fixtures or furniture.

iLLusions™ design options

  • Exterior windows – Colorful window film lets you create a mood with color or texture
  • Shower enclosures – Get the privacy you want with film that complements your design and theme
  • Glass tables – If your tabletop is run down – revive it with a little texture or color
  • Glass cabinet doors – Hide your belongings while complementing your design aesthetics

And because iLLusions™ is flexible and removable, AG Solar Guard’s team of experienced installers can change your look as frequently as you change your mood.